Buick and GMC Lease Deals at Jim Murphy Buick GMC

So you're investigating leasing a new Buick and GMC? Lease deals at Jim Murphy Buick GMC are always changing, so please call (716) 989-5020 to verify current rates on our Buick and GMC models. With that said, you could find a number of the latest lease deals at our Depew dealership.

Buick and GMC Leasing Isn't What You Think 

Don't listen to all the old myths bashing auto leases. What might have been true in the past is not true now with the current Buick and GMC lease deals available at Jim Murphy Buick GMC. If you plan to keep a car long after you pay it off, then a lease is probably not for you. But, if you have a habit of trading in a vehicle before it's paid off, then leasing should be something you consider. Why? Because leasing allows you to walk away after a short period of time, free of debt, as long as you don't break the lease parameters. If you trade in a car before you pay it off it could cost you more. Figure in the down payment, the monthly financing rate, plus the difference between trade in value and what you still owe. If that isn't enough to convince you to look into leasing a new Buick or GMC, then also consider the fact that most states only tax your lease payments versus the entire value of the vehicle.

Why Should You Lease a Buick and GMC with Jim Murphy Buick GMC? 

At Jim Murphy Buick GMC, we know that our customers like to feel good about the vehicle they drive. Leasing makes it possible to always have a "new" car in your garage. No need to worry about if it'll start up during the cold Depew winter months or if it's time for expensive service. Stop by to learn more about Buick and GMC lease options today!

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